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HSN strives to be the reference in the field of
evidence based phytotherapeutics
and innovative diagnostics,
for patients, prescribers and scientists.

Fact sheet

  • Founded in 2013
  • Production site in Switzerland
  • Evidence-based phytotherapeutical & diagnostics company

Our vision

  • Clinical & ethics committee-approved studies
  • Exceptional quality standards
  • Strict selection criteria for potential products
  • Extensive network of scientists, specialists and academics
  • Phytotherapeutica highest level → phytotherapeutics+
  • Top down go-to-market strategy

Our history

The majority (about 80%) of caucasian men can’t absorb the active nutrient of soy but our Swiss lab found a way:

  • We fermented and processed the soy
  • We made it into advanced molecule with a 96% absorbance in our target group
  • We added other nutrients
  • We called it PraeCell® & Ultimate Woman®